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Wigginton Cottage
Three Dogs
Miss Jaffa
Balloonist 1
Balloonist 2
General Omnibus Company
Bolivian worry dolls
Il Leone
Fishing lures
Ortex Beef Suet
Old cottage, Yearsley Wood
The Queen Mary, Yearsley Wood
Upper fish pond, Yearsley Wood
Horses, Yearsley Wood
The house at Gypsy Wood
Steeplechaser 1
Steeplechaser 2
Steeplechaser 3
Steeplechaser 4
Steeplechaser 5
Steeplechaser 6
Steeplechaser 7
Wigginton Road Nurseries
Farm Fresh Produce
Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese
The Gardener, Castle Howard
Iron gates at sunrise, Castle Howard
Game hens, Castle Howard
Spring morning, Castle Howard
Old sheds and cob pony, Stillington
F is for Fishmonger
Circus Bear
Circus Dog
Circus Elephant
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